How to become an Eden Alternative UK Registered Home

The Eden Alternative UK Register of Homes is for homes and services which have adopted and implemented the Eden Alternative philosophy of care. They will have staff who have completed training in order to change the culture of care they provide from that of a task oriented, medical led model to a model that puts residents and clients back in charge of their lives.

There are five preconditions to be met before a home can apply for a place on the Register.

  • The manager has to have completed the three-day Eden Associate course.
  • There has to be a number of Associates actively introducing the philosophy. The number will depend on the size of the home but a minimum of 10% is recommended.
  • There has to be a programme of education for all staff in the home.
  • There has to be education or information about the Eden Alternative available for residents and their relatives.
  • ‘The Eden Alternative UK Guide to Culture Change’ electronic matrix must be completed with information about the actions taken to implement the care philosophy.

The three-day Eden Associate training gives participants the opportunity to take a step back from the day-to-day routine and to review their practice. The course puts them in touch with their own feelings and gives them an insight of what it feels like to a resident to be lonely, helpless and bored. Participants leave with ideas to help their residents and clients combat these three negative emotions and the tools required to pass on this information to colleagues back in the work place.

From the initial Associate training it can take up to a year before a home is ready to apply for registration, depending on how far they are along the journey of culture change when they start to introduce the Eden Alternative. The Eden Alternative UK Guide to Culture Change is a framework which can be used to plan the implementation and the matrix, which is part of the Guide and is available in electronic form, is used as a log of the implementation initiatives.

Once the preconditions have been fulfilled and the home considers that it has made sufficient progress, a copy of the matrix updated to that point is sent to the Eden Alternative UK Register Manager who will arrange a visit by one of the Eden Guides (the Register Manager, an Eden Educator, or the Regional Coordinator). This visit will be to validate the information submitted in the matrix, to talk with residents and staff, to conduct a ‘learning circle’ and to observe the relationships between staff and residents and between residents and residents.

Following the visit, the manager will receive a report and a successful visit will result in a two-year place on the Register with a telephone call after one year to assess progress. Each Registered home is presented with an Eden tree (a wall plaque) and a certificate stating that the residents and staff are on their Eden Journey of Culture Change.

The validation process will be repeated every two years and the Eden Alternative UK Guide to Culture Change matrix should be maintained as a continuous record of your Eden journey and submitted each time revalidation is due.


June Burgess Eden Alternative Regional Coordinator                                                                                                                            June 2018